A nyan snack!

A nyan snack!


I blame josh for me being so sarcastic

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This scene made me so proud of Jack and ohhh! Jamie! Let me pinch your cheeks! O3O

Can I just talk about his faces in the last few gifs for a second?

Jack has gone.. three hundred years. Three hundred years talking to himself, pretending others can hear him. Three hundred years so frustrated by the fact all he is to the human race is an old expression that no one really remembers the name of. He’s had to live for three whole centuries with people walking through him, he’s probably screamed at people passing him by when he was at his lowest, just desperate for someone to hear him, someone to listen. Even at the beginning of the movie, when Jamie loses his tooth — you can see all that fun-loving nature in his face just drop, and he starts saying “No, no no!” because again, he’s going to be forgotten because he just ventured into Tooth Fairy territory. And here.. Here, he doesn’t even care about being seen. He doesn’t care about being believed in, he’s there in Jamie’s room to make sure he still believes in Bunnymund, and in the rest of the guardians. The one time he does something selfless, something to preserve the hope in a child’s life, the faith in the things he’d always believed in, THAT is when Jack gets noticed. The one time he takes an action, uses his powers for the good of someone else, Jamie pieces it together that Jack Frost is the one trying to reach him. Not the Easter Bunny, or the Sandman, or the Tooth Fairy — all because a snowflake happened to land on the tip of his nose and he remembered the warning his mother gave him.

And Jack is just.. so excited to hear someone say his name that he doesn’t even consider the possibility that Jamie can see him, can hear him. He just talks at him like he always does, and then he sees the shock in his eyes, he sees the absolute astoundment and it hits him like a brick wall — Someone can hear him. And he has to ask because he’s dreamed about a moment like this for three hundred years and he’s wondering if he’s just convinced himself he was seeing things but then there’s the affirmation, and it still isn’t enough. Like a drowning man grasping at a rope he holds onto that and he asks again, something different, and Jamie nods and starts to smile and Jack lets out this guffaw of disbelief and joy and he backs away. He can’t handle his own urges. You know the first thing he thought to do was grab this kid and spin him and squeeze him and thank him but his body hasn’t caught up to his head, and then he starts talking to himself and in that pause.. You see all that joy shrink back slightly, you see him what looks, to me, to be on the verge of tears. And even now when I look at his face it makes me want to cry, because I’m just.. happy for him. 

After three hundred years of trying, and trying.. he finally gets what he’s always wanted. Someone to believe in him.

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Thank you, Adam, for making beautiful music.

I love his music. Keeps me running day and night :)

it is so sweet!



A collection of Otis’s most derptacular moments. 

A thing to all my folLowers

the face!!! XD

So cute!

So cute!


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